Sales Module in Odoo ERP 

Οdоо ERP is a software designed to efficiently manage and optimise the sales-related processes of your business. 

The software will meet your desires to the utmost. It features an interface that makes work quick and easy, along with a rich set of functions designed to streamline sales management processes. Looking for an optimum solution for your sales management? Odoo ERP can offer you just that – from putting goods up for sale, through order fulfilment and invoicing, to the eventual return to the warehouse.

Invoicing Sales

The system has advanced features for invoicing goods, including: 

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Ability to create and send invoices

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Payment tracking 

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Price management 

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Application of various discounts and tax rates

ERP Software with Optional Integrations 

Odoo ERP’s sales services integrate seamlessly with the systems you already use. 
We offer you a solution with which you can store and manage all your data through a centralised system.
You don’t have to juggle different tools and platforms, as the SALES feature of Odoo ERP provides everything you need to manage the processes from start to finish.
Odoo ERP allows you to set up recurring billing for ongoing services by setting billing timeframes, preparing pro forma invoices, adjusting prices as needed, and tracking payment confirmations.

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