INVOICING Module – Create All Types of Invoices with Odoo ERP Software

Take advantage of the functional software offered by Odoo ERP. 

Invoicing is an integral part of the operations of any business that offers products and/or services in one form or another.

An Invoicing Module with all features

Odoo ERP’s INVOICING module allows you to create invoices that comply with the legislative requirement of having all the necessary details for this type of primary accounting document.

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Invoices can be generated in the system and sent directly to clients and counterparts with just a few clicks.

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Another option provided by the software is the print function – in case the document has to be sent in its original form in hard copy.

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Odoo ERP’s invoicing module can automate the process of sending thousands of invoices on a monthly basis, greatly simplifying the accounting processes.

Automated Invoicing for Clients and Counterparts

The module allows automatic generation of invoices for purchases made and services provided to customers:

Based on previously prepared quotations;

When orders have been generated in your store system

You can automatically send thousands of invoices

to facilitate your sales and accounting processes.

With Odoo ERP’s INVOICING module,

you can also perform invoicing analytics by product, customer and supplier.

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