Installing Odoo ERP for Your Business – Stages

We offer installation of the Οdоо ERP system based on careful planning and precise execution of the necessary steps according to our established methodology.

Preparing Your Company in Advance

Before we begin the installation of Οdоо ERP, we will ensure that your company is ready for this process.
For this purpose, we conduct:

A preliminary study of the business processes that the system will serve.

The preparations of the necessary system infrastructure.

The training of the staff who will work with the ΕRΡ system.

Depending on the specifics of the business processes, it may be necessary to modify and optimise one or more functions (and/or modules) of Οdоо ERP.

Integration and Installation

After installing the Οdоо ERP software, it is time to integrate the system according to the specific needs of your business. The procedure includes configuring databases, entering company information, various types of configurations, and so on.

Οdоо ERP can be successfully integrated with other systems, applications, and software used by the business in one or more directions. These are most often e-banking modules, integrations with payment tools, POS terminal devices, etc.

installation and integration

Development of Additional Functions

The specific software enhancements that can be made during the implementation of Οdоо ERP depend on the needs of the particular company and are determined at the preparatory stage of the project. These may include:

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Additional modules

Modules, which are not included in the standard version of Οdоо ERP but can be developed according to the specific needs of the business, depending on the company’s activities and specific requirements.

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Interface customisation

The Οdоо ERP interface allows for customisation based on the preferences and needs of the business, as well as the requirements for system usage by employees.

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Additional reports

Every company requires specific reports that are not included in the standard version of Οdоо ERP but can be developed further by our programmers.

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Process automation

Οdоо ERP can be configured to automate certain business processes, such as automatic order generation, notifications for specific conditions (e.g., low stock levels in warehouse), and other benefits for your business.

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System Testing

Once we have installed, integrated, and developed the system’s functions according to the needs of your business, we proceed to test them. This ensures that Odoo ERP, along with all its functions and modules, are working properly.

System Maintenance

Once the system is installed and the staff who will be working with it is trained, the Οdоо ERP software needs to be maintained. We offer expert system support, ensuring its regular updates and operation at optimum efficiency.