Software Customisations According to Your Individual Business Needs

Οdоо ERP provides the possibility to add further software enhancements to the system. These can be made at any time and their type depends on the specific needs of the particular company.

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Integration with External Applications and Systems

Οdоо ERP can be integrated with other software systems used at your organisation to maximise your work efficiency.

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Additional Modules

Modules not included in the standard version of Οdоо ERP can be developed specifically for your company. They depend on its activities and specific needs.

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Interface Personalisation

The Οdоо ERP interface allows for personalisation according to the preferences and needs of your company’s employees. We offer you the most flexible solution that will  meet your demands to the highest extent.

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Additional Analytics and Reporting Functions

Different companies may require different reporting functions. If all  or some of them are missing in the standard version of the system, our expert team is on hand to fully satisfy this need.

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Additional Modules for Process Automation

By configuring settings and developing additional software, Οdоо ERP can provide you with the right solutions for automating one and/or several of the business processes performed at your company.

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Need Additional Software enhancements for Your Business?

Get in touch with our experts and they will assess the specific needs of your organisation and suggest suitable software customisations specifically tailored to your business type.