BACKUP Function – Odoo ER

The BACKUP feature in Odoo ERP allows you to backup and store data that is not needed for the operational activities of the enterprise at a given time.

How can the BACKUP Feature of Odoo ERP Benefit You?

1. Freeing up disk space

You achieve faster system performance as well as reduce the cost of the resources used (server and disk resources).

2. Access to information on financial transactions, processes and products, movement of goods/materials in chronological order 

Ensures compliance with acting regulatory requirements for timely storage of certain documents and data, as well as for analysis and decision-making.

3. Protected access to information and reduced risk of misuse

The function serves as a security measure as the back-up data is stored on a disk with restricted access.

4. Improved system performance and efficiency

Backup reduces the volume of processed data and thus leads to significant workflow optimisation.

The BACKUP function of Odoo ERP enables you to work quickly and efficiently with your current data while ensuring fast and reliable access to backed-up information.