Οdоо ERP has an accounting module that supports the Bulgarian language, and its individual functionalities are updated according to the applicable legislation in the country.

Accounting Operations Performed with the Odoo ERP Module

The accounting programme of the Odoo ERP system includes all aspects of accounting. With the module, you can perform both routine operations (such as issuing invoices, for example) and generate various reports, declarations, and more.

Here are some of the key functions in this area that Odoo can help you with:

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Accounting for Materials and Inventory

With Odoo ERP, you can keep track of the movement and stock of materials and inventory, and the current accounting entries are automatically updated with each movement.

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Financial Accounting

The accounting programme can issue invoices, process payments, calculate taxes, fees, and others, as well as generate various financial reports.

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Management of Company Bank Accounts

Odoo ERP can be connected to your online banking. This automates the processes involved in processing bank transactions, speeds up their posting to in accounting records and minimizes the need for manual data entry.

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Management of Payroll, Taxes, Deductions

Automatic records are created for the payment of salaries and bonuses, as well as for the calculation of taxes, insurance contributions, and all other deductions.

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Budget Management

Οdоо ERP helps manage the budget by tracking expenses and revenues. The system provides statistics that can be extremely useful when making future financial decisions.

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Data Analysis

The ERP system of Odoo ERP can provide data analysis to help streamline processes and increase efficiency in the company.

Customisation Options for the ACCOUNTING PROGRAMME Module of Odoo ERP

We know that every enterprise is unique and has its own needs that a one-size-fits-all software cannot cover. 

Our expert team can customise the accounting module of Odoo ERP to meet your specific needs. 

Contact us now to find out how we can help you manage your business by customising the accounting module of Odoo ERP.

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