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ORDERS Function – Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP will help you streamline the processes of planning supply orders to enhance your efficiency in inventory management.

Odoo ERP is a set of tools that companies can use to automate a significant portion of their workflows, including:

Inventory tracking

to ensure the availability of necessary goods and materials.

Supply management

schedule your future deliveries on time based on up-to-date quantity data provided by Odoo ERP.

The ORDERS feature of Odoo ERP saves time and financial resources for your business and streamlines processes related to inventory management.

Supplier price lists can also be imported into Odoo ERP. This enables you to make the right purchasing decisions based on the price factor.

With Odoo ERP, you can manage multiple businesses (comprehensively or individually), including order-related processes:

better service

Manage aggregate orders for multiple businesses;

better service

Efficient centralised data management for customers, suppliers and products;

better service

Optimum invoice management for all companies simultaneously;