CRM Module

Customer Relationship Management Module (CRM) from Odoo ERP

CRM modules, such as the one offered by Odoo ERP, are among the most important and crucial functions for successful management of any modern company.

CRM Module from Odoo ERP – Essence and Goals

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a type of software used for managing customer relationships effectively and systematically.
CRM is used to collect and analyse various types of data related to individual customer groups. The data is designed to create individual customer profiles on the one hand, and to segment distinct user groups on the other.

The aim is to improve business-customer relationship.

Use of CRM achieves more efficient work with the target audience. It enables business to increase customer loyalty towards the relevant brand, improve sales, and boost profits.

CRM Module from Odoo ERP – Functionalities

The CRM module of Odoo ERP includes the following core functions with to customise according to your specific needs:

effective marketing strategy

Contact management 

effective marketing strategy

Sales management 

effective marketing strategy

Marketing management

effective marketing strategy

Service management, etc.

CRΜ is a module that can benefit small, medium, and large companies. If you need such functionality for your business, contact our team!